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Nuzlocke mode
« on: March 21, 2013, 04:29:58 pm »
Most of you are thinking... Wait what?
Well it's about the pok?mon games... They are mighty fun but they just seem to easy no? That's why someone invented nuzlocke mode, a set of fixed, and adjustable rules, you can use to make the game more difficult.
The obbligated rules:
- You can only capture the first pok?mon you meet in each route.
- If a pok?mon faints, he dies and has to be released, or perma boxed.
- If your entire team fainted, you died.

Adjustable rules:
- If the first encounter in the area is a Double Battle in dark grass, the player may choose which of the two Pok?mon they would like to catch.
- While not exactly a definite rule, the general consensus is that players must also nickname all of their Pok?mon, for the sake of forming stronger emotional bonds.
- Starter Pok?mon is based off your Trainer ID number. If the last number is 1-3 the player starts with a Grass type, 4-6 is Fire type, 7-9 is Water type, 0 is the player's choice.
- To prevent duplicate captures you can capture a the next pokemon if you already have encountered the pokemon, or any of it's (pr)evolutions.
- Not officially enforcing the rules until the player has Pok? Balls and can catch Pok?mon. For example, the PoochyenaRS/ZigzagoonE that the player has to save Professor Birch from is not counted as the first encounter on the route, and not counting any other encounters as such until they can catch. Likewise, in the games where the rival battle is immediately after getting the starter Pok?mon, the "any that faint must be released" rule is not enforced at that time.
- As a mercy rule, allowing 1-3 "second chances" or revives of fallen team members.
- As another mercy rule, if the player runs into a Shiny Pok?mon on the incredibly rare chance, the player may still catch it, regardless of whether or not it is the first encounter in the area. It also does not need to be released if it faints.
- If the player has no Pok?mon that can use a certain field move that is required to continue through any given point of the game, they may catch another Pok?mon that can learn said field move. However, it cannot be used in battle for any reason, and must be released, permanently boxed, or migrated as soon as the player gets another Pok?mon that can use said field move.
- You are allowed to trade with npc's.

These are basically the rules I am going by right now... If you wish to know more, or want to join in on the fun join us on irc at #nuzlocke.

Personal stats:
Game: Soulsilver
My team so far:
Cyndaquil level 9 name: Chester
Pidgey level 9 Name: Pidgey (Has to be renamed...)
Weedle level 6 Name: Poison Ivy

So far no pok?mon have been knocked out.

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