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Bone County Sheriff's Department
« on: March 13, 2015, 01:46:14 pm »

Bone County Sheriff's Department
Serving with integrity, honor and respect since 2009

RoboCop: BCSD Sheriff-Coroner - The overall leader of the BCSD
WatakiWatako: BCSD Undersheriff - Acting sheriff in case of absence
Aaron_Ewing, Saw: BCSD Assistant Sheriffs - Heads of Commands

Organization Chart

The Bone County Sheriff's Department is the frontrunning law enforcement organization within ECNR. Having a long proud tradition of service originating as the elite "Task Force 141" in ECNR's progenitor, Byrner's Cops and Robbers RPG, the BCSD has been in service since ECNR's inception. The role of the BCSD is to provide a fun yet organized environment for players to play and cooperate in the police roles at ECNR. With the experience point system and teamwork improvement that came with ECNR 2.0, the BCSD is a great way to jump right in and learn as well as set yourself as being part of an elite, respected organization.

-You must be a player in good standing with no major rule infractions.
-You are expected to serve in compliance of the ECNR Server Rules as well as internal BCSD policies.
-There is NO police XP rank requirement at this time.
-You will be expected to be active in-game, on the forums and IRC or in any combination, but primarily in-game of course.
-You are expected to conduct yourself respectfully as a member of the community regardless of any other player's affiliation or lack thereof.
-Have Fun!

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