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Author Topic: Cop / Robber Balancing  (Read 2801 times)

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Cop / Robber Balancing
« on: March 08, 2015, 06:22:56 pm »
First off, from what I've seen of 2.0 it's great. And I think the best thing about it is that most of it is unobtainable atm and I will have to work for it.

Looking at the changelog though, the update appears extremely biased towards cops, with the lategame cop stuff seeming very unfair for the robbers.

- The drone missiles - Great idea .. but 50k for a guaranteed kill? I've never used it so maybe It's different to how I imagine but I can't see there being any competitiveness between cops / criminals if a gang of criminals can be wiped out with a single 50k bomb.

- Rhinos - Again.. I quite like the idea of it, but then again.. Army already had Hydras which were pretty OP by themselves, this addition just completely dominates the criminals who have virtually nothing to counteract it.

- Tackling - I actually love the idea of this addition, but again, rush cuffing was a problem for most people before, with this addition criminals might aswell just /sur as soon as a cop is within 5 blocks of them.

These 3 are the ones I have the main problem with as the criminals seem to have nothing to counteract them. Undercover cops seem to have been implemented fairly, with criminals being able to steal a radio to stop them from changing skins from what I understand.

Sorry if it seems like I'm just whining, and hopefully my fears aren't actually evident in an IG scenario.
Maybe I'm just misinterpreting some of the changes and you've missed out some information.

If not, maybe make it so Hydras / Rhinos are hackable/jackable to high level robbers, The big ear blowable to stop the Drones for a long period of time? And tackling, maybe a theif item that can increase the chances of /bc or them missing the cuffs in the first place.

Sweet, hopefully someone could clear some of this up for me.



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Re: Cop / Robber Balancing
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2015, 06:40:23 pm »
This is solved in a simple way. Criminal in the late gamer could have access to RPG's to counteract with Rhinos and use on other stuff, however it'd be very expensive to avoid it being used against lower leveled cops. About the missiles, that is simple too. Allow a criminal, for 100k, at a high level of xp, purchase at the thief HQ a Missile Jammer, jamming all ICBM's for 10 minutes. Regarding tackling, you can dodge them :)
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Re: Cop / Robber Balancing
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2015, 12:54:22 pm »
If any balance issues that negatively effect the gameplay come to light, we'll take corrective action straight away. For the most part, we just need to wait and see how things play out!

"- Tackling - I actually love the idea of this addition, but again, rush cuffing was a problem for most people before, with this addition criminals might aswell just /sur as soon as a cop is within 5 blocks of them."

This might be of interest:

I think that on the whole, the changes to law enforcement should encourage greater levels of criminal organisation. Yesterday, I played in a group of three and we were able to fend mostly everything off.

The various bombs and car bombs available are also very useful when used well!

Having said that, I share your concerns! The Rhino was placed at cop skill level 90 (should take a long time to unlock) and there are only two of them. They can be countered quite easily though. Going on rooftops for example. Two or three guys with M4s can take a tank out before it gets close enough to attack, assuming that the encounter is in an open environment and that the tank was spotted early enough. In most close quarters situations, a good tank operator would have the significant upper hand!

Similarly with the drone missiles, we'll just have to wait and see! The price could be increased etc. Unless the criminals are very close together, in the same vehicle for example, there shouldn't be more than one kill per missile. There is a chance that they won't kill the target, they're also very easy to counter by going under a root for example, or into an interior.

We will definitely be keeping an eye out for any apparent balance issues.

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