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Car Show
« on: August 27, 2014, 06:51:40 pm »
Hustle your Horses, Petrol Heads, ECNR's 1st Ever, kickstarter Car Show will be soon taking place. It'll be a special event before classes start, so everyone can feed their rush for petrol before they get stuck back in the PIT's. The event's time and date is still undecided, as I'll need an Admin's assistance for crowd control and i wanna make sure many people come, to make it rememberable. Everyone must get a ride of their choise and customize it, then bring it to Wang's car. Each player may choose a place to showroom their car in, either inside Wang Cars Dealership's building or outside. In here, 3 judges, which will be me, WatakiWatako, and Byrner (Anyone who wishes to judge may ask for it, as i am still asking tako and enigma and, therefore, i dunno if they'll want to be so.); will judge each car by it's design and originality (The judges may also bring a car to the contest, however, they will only be judged by the other 2 judges). After everyone see eachothers' rides, we'll be headed to SF Cityhall. There, each car at a time will make a Presentation of their ride, which will be judged by the judges. After this, there will be a Parade headed to Emerald Isle, where the event ends. When someone volunteers to donate, or with an admin's permission, the Prices will be revealed. Please reply with your ideas, doubts, etc... (Dont ignore like the gaming posts).
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