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Administration Team
« on: June 02, 2014, 11:20:23 pm »
Brian "Enigma" (alternatively "Byrner") Byrne
Residence/Time Zone: Ireland (GMT)
In-Game Names: The_Byrner, Enigma
IRC Names: The_Byrner, Byrner, Enigma
Forum PM

ECNR Administrators
William "RoboCop" Wagner
Head of EGC Security and Bone County Emergency Services Manager
Residence/Time Zone: Ohio, United States (GMT -5)
In-Game Names: RoboCop
IRC Names: RoboCop, Cy-Fox
Forum PM
Skype: cy-fox
AIM: MilesProwerCyFox
Steam: Amadeus2XM10
PSN: Cy-Fox01
Special Notes: Works every day with the exception of Tuesday and Wednesday between 7:00 AM EST and 4:30 PM EST (GMT -5)

Wataki Watako
Residence/Time Zone: Scotland (GMT)
In-Game Names: WatakiWatako
IRC Names: WatakiWatako
Forum PM

Aaron Ewing
Residence/Time Zone: California, United States (GMT -8)
In-Game Names: Aaron_Ewing
IRC Names: Aaron_Ewing
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Residence/Time Zone: Eastern United States (GMT -5)
In-Game Names: Chito
IRC Names: Chito
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In-Game Names: Varun
IRC Names: Varun
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