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Author Topic: FDSA ideas and stuff  (Read 2179 times)

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FDSA ideas and stuff
« on: May 13, 2014, 07:46:44 pm »
So at the moment, the FDSA job is good, but the fires don't seem to pose a risk to players, other than slightly obscured vision. So:


Fires should do damage to players (except Firefighters) and their vehicles. Maybe the fires could do slow constant damage when in close proximity, instead of setting the player on fire; because nobody likes being on fire.

Interior fires

Title pretty much says it all, the inside of buildings should also catch fire, not only would this make them more dangerous to enter, but would provide the FDSA with a greater challenge. Maybe the fires on the outside could regenerate if the fires on the inside aren't extinguished, (I know this could be abused, to get more score/money etc) or maybe interior fires cause small, low damage explosions on the exterior. More fires inside = more explosions outside. Not only would this make the FDSA job a lot more perilous, but would make it more dynamic as-well. (with the possibility of explosion jumpscares :D)

New Locations

Maybe some new mapped locations that are made specifically to catch fire? With large interiors, tight corridors, and certain objects that can be destroyed by fire, with the money/score reward dependent on how many of these objects have burnt?

Possibly even some parts of the interior that can collapse, blocking exits or trapping/killing players.

A small bug(?)

Not exactly urgent, but just so its known: A player can put out a fire without using the fire extinguisher (sort of), as long as they are holding the mouse down, the fire will go out, even if they are running around, or jumping.
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