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Author Topic: The Bone County Register (12/07/2013)  (Read 1750 times)

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The Bone County Register (12/07/2013)
« on: December 07, 2013, 06:23:20 pm »
New Bone County Fire Department Headquarters and Fire Training Center Completed

Construction at the new Bone County Fire Department headquarters building in North Las Venturas by Julius Thruway North and the Harry Gold Parkway was completed today. Taking charge of the new building will be incoming Fire Chief Ewan Raven, who was recently nominated for the role to the Bone County Board of Supervisors by Emergency Services Manager and Sheriff-Coroner William Wagner. Several new trucks, sports utility vehicles, ambulances and helicopters will be stationed at the building. The South Las Venturas firehouse will continue to provide service, while also expanding to serve as a mutual aid station for contract cities/towns, Flint, Red and Los Santos Counties.

The BCoFD is currently accepting applications for new hires and encourages all to apply.

Potential Gang War Between Black Hand And New Unknown Organization; Sheriff's Department Vows To Prevent Urban Chaos

Bone County Sheriff-Coroner William Wagner held a press conference with local news organizations KTLV and the Bone County Register, along with news organizations from Los Santos and San Fierro in regards to a statement released across the Internet and by packages sent to KTLV and the Register. Inside was a videotape and what appeared to be a human body part. County coroner officials were able to identify the parts as belonging to the same person: the former Black Hand Criminal Network leader Deimos.

The video revealed an individual with a masked face and voice. He referred to himself as a representative of a new group known as the Outcasts. Sheriff's Department investigators refused to comment on their current investigation but the Sheriff-Coroner vowed to increase patrols and gang suppression activities in the remaining Black Hand held territory, while also scouting out the Outcasts. "Homicide is homicide, no matter if a citizen, gang member or public safety official is targeted. Breaking the law in Bone County is going to incur the wrath of my department." Wagner stated.
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